Brad Wheeler for Cobb County School Board

My Mission

School safety is my top priority

My Promise, I will never support any suggestion we should defund our CCSD police officers and I will continue to vote to hire well-qualified School resource officers.

Purpose of Cobb Schools

Our Mission, as a school board, must always point toward helping young people prepare for the next chapter in their lives. I Strongly support preparing our children for traditional colleges, and rigorous vocational programs for our students.  

“One size does not fit all students”

A Climate of Student Success must be a core value

Our children must be kept safe from unproven educational fads and adult agendas. Classrooms must focus on student success

Maintaining Proven Results

Under my leadership, Cobb County Schools is a recognized leader in:

  • High teacher satisfaction.  Over 98% of our highly qualified teachers re-sign their contracts. (Many school systems currently use long-term substitutes and unqualified adults)
  • Forbes Magazine has recognized our schools as the best place to work in the nation. (That recognition does not happen by accident)
  • Over 70% of voters recently agreed with our leadership in the recent Ed-Splost vote
  • My unwavering support of the Senior Home Tax exemption has allowed our community to remain strong.

I believe Teachers should Teach and Parents Have the right to Parent their own Children.

School safety is my top priority


I’m on a mission, and I need committed people like you. By donating to my campaign, you’re not just giving money; you’re investing in the future of our community’s children and their education. This is our greatest legacy let’s protect it together and take a stand for our children’s bright future. Your contribution, big or small, is a step towards shaping a better tomorrow for every Cobb student. Please join me in this crucial mission before it’s too late.