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About Brad

Brad Wheeler is a dedicated educator and community leader with over 26 years of experience in education, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to fostering educational excellence and leadership within the Cobb County community. Holding a Bachelor of Education from Berry College and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Jacksonville State University, Brad’s career began in the classroom, dedicating 17 years to shaping young minds. Transitioning into local school administration, he served at McEachern H.S. and Lindley Middle School for 9 years, leveraging his expertise to enhance educational outcomes and support faculty and student growth.

Brad’s contributions to education and community sports have been recognized through several prestigious awards, including Georgia’s School Counselor Advocate of the Year, two-time Cobb County Coach of the Year for soccer, Metro West Soccer Coach of the Year, and Girls’ Coach of the Year in Cherokee County. These accolades reflect his passion for enriching student lives both academically and athletically.

Beyond his professional achievements, Brad has been an active and engaged member of the West Cobb community for over 30 years, exemplifying steadfast commitment to local development and educational advocacy. As a testament to his leadership and the trust placed in him by his peers, he has been elected three times as the Chairman of the Cobb County Board of Education in 2018, 2020, and 2023, and twice as the Vice Chair. His leadership roles underscore his dedication to advancing educational policies and practices that benefit students and educators alike.

With a strong foundation in educational leadership and a proven track record in community involvement, Brad Wheeler is committed to continuing his efforts to foster an environment of excellence and opportunity within the educational sector.

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